Sasha Interview for radio FDR Brewing strength in 20 years
Now that you have povidkryvaly their faces, tell us please, how it all began with TFC. Rather not started, and Updating after long hibernation of the group.

Well, this whole story. An interesting and even quite funny. I was very long and very hard shturhav John, in peace Oleh Suk. He always said that we need to register. I answered: "That Subscribe. I will help you - all we need. I am ready to help as a producer, as a friend. Any. " He said: "I do not want you as a producer helped, I want you to sing." What am I: "John, think up something else that I do not sing. Come on, I'll help you find some normal vocals, maybe a normal production company or something else. " "No, I want you to sing" - he got another from 2006, so napryahav. I finally said to him: "Oleg, Listen: I do not understand who needs it and what is required in principle. I understand that it is a creative realization and so on, that you pre, you want this, but here's what I am? I am not very tuned in show business at all the works. I'm in the industry, but, so to speak, "autsayd, overs, I never in the middle phavsya not and do not want." Well, he replied: "Give way: from you do not fall off, you just sing one or two tracks. Let's make a few blanks, maybe you and enjoy. Purely a friendly request, do it. " "Okay, Okay. Sat down and recorded a couple of things really - sounded very good. Very fresh, a little outside the box for Ukraine. Here, all that it was something western. There are some inflyuentsiyi art rock, but they are so deeply hidden that say this is rock, I would not say. This is pop music. I think pop music with a focus on rock. Here.

Recorded a couple of pieces, but I had no time to engage them. And Oleg hooked Authority - one of the very famous and powerful members of our group is the early 90's. And Vlad wrote a very nice party on the guitar, and then just plunged in with the head and work on producing this material, it was a bunch of different ideas and different suggestions. The pressure on me doubled, just outside was the 2009th year. Well, well, already in 2010th we recorded two singles, or even three. The third composition over such a relaxing, slower, we will not shine. And we recorded two singles, and I made a covenant. I say: "People stop you have to put pressure on me from these things, so let's if this music here need someone in Ukraine, though someone, even someone waiting for her, we would do it. We will put it on the radio and make these songs more or less acceptable. Let's give them a chance to survive in this environment. If this is no need, if it's just our whim, any whim, well, then let it be a fad. We write a whole album and present it to colleagues and will hear yourself in the car. By the way, this music is just perfect for the car. Let's do so: we put this song, but totally incognito. Our names are not in any way any help or hinder this song. The song itself moves, the only thing that needs a co-production and co-produced by that when this song in the final form is visible, it must be done with us by people who understand the present as a producer, a sound, and at present, say, understanding Promotion of Music. We started with FDR Media Service with Roman Kalmukom. I said: "Romchyk, (also my close colleague) need help just to get this song without pressure, such special piarnyh stuff appeared on the radio. And putting it to radio, its most appreciated - this music has, say, the right to life now, or still is some wisdom dinosaurs that povyzhyvaly since the Mesozoic period and have no right to exist in the media space. Roman fire, said: "Great, guys. I like what you did. This is modern music, there's absolutely no sentimentality for the old, no nostalgia. This is a completely modern music, a while why not a standard to which we are accustomed to. I will send it on the radio and even convinced that the song would sound on air. " We recorded drums at FDRi. Everything else was done mostly between my studio and studio of American power, and mastering done in by George Marino, I work with him long ago. Here.
The song really started to unwind for a miracle for this team, which is virtual and lives among Lviv, Kyiv and America. And the guys I dobyly called finite, and we removed the clip. The video is very original. We thought that to have good effects, such that would be inserted Us, we liked. I settled on because it has to be graffiti, but we did not know that graffiti. Graffiti typical teenagers, I have not inserted. And I began to seek out this graffiti, which I really would have liked. I found a light-graffiti or frieze-light, as it is called, is drawing a long exposure to light in the frame. You can draw interesting characters, you can draw some lights there, and so on, and it lives. This is not a post-production, some painting in Photoshop, this is a live picture right in the light frame, with a live human hand. Well, very cool. It is handmade. And we have made this technique experimental work. We were not sure what will come out. We did not hesitate and especially so for everyone. Invited from Moscow guys are really pioneers in this regard. They do very well. It is easy to stumble upon their site on their work. We invited them. They just liked the song, they are happy responded to our offer of cooperation. And we sat down for three nights and exhausted clip. We made it with children. Dimka Peretrutov was the director and operator. Then came what happened. There is an interesting personazhyk colored light. We called him Vries, and even think that now it can be used as a sort of logo of our group. This was followed by what happened. I am very vpyravsya, and still am not sure that it is very needed. Well, made a presentation, while Vlad was still in Ukraine. It is absolutely normal, even when the clip during the presentation was not ready, we brought him, collected by frequent. For the first time he did not even start up on the screen. They presented the acoustic version of Give Me A Scream (Let Me Cry). For me it was a very warm so. Warm presentation was so very soft.

Thus we can conclude that your experiment is successful, right?

Outwardly, everything indicates that if all failed, because there is keen interest and the interest goes on growing. It will exist, but this is more a virtual project, because we live far apart and created music, music for tens of thousands of kilometers of nothing, but on the existence of a lively group, which rehearses together so that lives some joint projects, Event yet somehow, it is very difficult because we are so much divided at all and very much different from us. In music we are nearly out little that unites. It's virtual, but at the same time, a live project.

Work on the next song going?

Yes, along with FDR-ohm. We are here napryahly Yarika who works with us on drums, and Roman, which helps us co-produced by. Already there are two new tracks that we really want to record. There is a very lively work. But now, I would especially not issued any advances on this issue, because authorities in many concerts and work in America. I'm loaded with two huge projects plus we are writing a new album for Ruslana. John and our Gorgoroth, and in the Dead Roosters. It is in our rozhvat, this guy. Well, somehow it will be glued together.

And the last question. Technical nature. Song Give Me A Scream and Shout Let Me - translation from any language that was done, or have written two independent texts?

I will say so. Very interesting story text. Why English texts. At first I really insisted that was an English version to premiere it was that people basically do not associate us with us. I did not like. It was very discreet need to look at myself from outside, so went to the English version. But in fact the original version was Ukrainian. Ukrainian text was written, very good text, I really like it. And so we experimented with text, there were many all sorts of different options. And this is from Give Me Cry is a bit like a frozen, stopped, compressed, lightweight little cry in the song as a very vocal, very easy transition effect of different voice registers. And Give Me A Scream, when there was this phrase, it is, frankly, even phonetically, fonemno sounds better than Ukrainian phrase. Ukrainian phrase by "and" a little more complicated. So still we have decided that Give Me A Scream - so it is more appropriate title for this song. When the blank is still first was made, there was a phrase, though not Give Me A Scream, and Give Me A Dream (we prychepylysya to it). Know it when musicians write them in such tarabarskiy whether Martian language make a piece, make yourself some phrases. These Give Me A Dream from the very beginning of sound, and text was the original Ukrainian language. And it is deeper, and he, like me, deeper than English. English-language written by Natalie Wilde. It is a more Americanized, the typical American text. A Ukrainian custom text.