Presentation clip TFC

April 27, in the Kiev Concert Hall Crystal Hall band TFC (Tea Fan Club) presented the video for the song «Give me a scream» (Ukrainian version of "Give me a shout").
During the event, the musicians of the group, which previously positioned itself as a project-out, presented not only video but also themselves. Star TFC staff immediately drew the attention of all Ukrainian media.

About TFC

Alexander Ksenofontov - front-man vocalist and unchanging TFC, known Ukrainian producer, husband singer Ruslana (Kyiv).

Oleh Suk, better known as John - mastermind and unchanging bass guitarist TFC, composer and bassist of the band "Dead Cock", the keyboard group "Gorgoroth", the author of music and art projects "E" and "But time, as the river" (Lions ).

Debryanskyy Vladimir (Vlad) - lead guitar TFC, renowned guitarist and composer. Producer and performer, author of Project Sun in Capricorn and Vladosphere (Los Angeles).

All those people in the early 90th united "fan club tea or Tea Fan Club, hence the acronym originated TFC. Exactly 20 years ago, "Teapots" proved to be extremely young and extraordinary potential project that scandalizing the public on alternative festivals "dislocation" and the popular "Red mercury".
But after that fleeting fashion trends and tastes changed in the modern Ukrainian music, art-rock turned into a "throw-back", the group quietly without conflicts and misunderstandings have ceased to exist, and each of the musicians went their way.

Sasha Ksenofontov he produced his wife, today's most successful and most famous Ukrainian pop performer in the world Ruslana Lyzhychko.

Vlad Debryanskyy moved to the States, graduated from Berkeley, became famous guitarist, whose music in its own execution enters the Billboard Top 100. In the category of modern jazz Debryanskyy with famous jazz and pop projects, produces its own instrumental albums Sun in Capricorn and Vladosphere, takes part in the famous hit recording Katy Perry "I kissed a girl".

John initiates author project "E", "But as a river, playing as a bassist in the band" Dead Cock "and as a keyboardist in the band" Gorgoroth ". He writes his own music.
In 2009, at a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers between Kyiv, Lviv and Los Angeles is a virtual revival of "tea club" that called tribute musicians.

Presentation and video

Sasha puts Ksenofontov subject incognito. If the song "survive" on the radio without the help of famous names, the project will continue. Koprodakshn and koprodyusinh first single «Give me a scream» Ukrainian company makes known FDR. Song justified expectations of musicians and quickly finds himself at the hearing. In March 2010, TFC makes a video recording and working on the album. A month later, clip and present a draft public.

During the presentation was not without curiosities. Due to technical difficulties premiere clip was much later than planned. While lahodylasya equipment for viewing video, the evening continued in sustained lyrical aesthetic sentiment. It was the atmosphere of the "lost generation" late 80's - early 90's. But nostalgia, but life about which few suspected, unknown lives of famous scenes osobystostey.Zi sounded acoustic version is already known single TFC "Give me a shout," Power Debryanskoho guitar compositions, the duo star pair and Alexander Ksenofontov Ruslana, Ruslana's new single " I'm coming for you "in an acoustic interpretation, during which singer accompany himself on piano. Finally Ksenofontov Alexander performed the song Freddie Mercury «I want it all» as a dedication to musicians who died from drugs. The old stock TFC such was three.

The second attempt to present the clip has been successful, and upon completion of the evening saw guests awaited video. Clip Give me a scream - this is the first clip frizlaytovyy in Russia. Directed and video operator becomes Dmitry Peretrutov with Marina Borschevsky.

To create Vries, the so-called band members animated character video, were invited frizlaytu masters from Moscow. Frizlayt or translated as frozen light and photo art technology means shooting on a long shutter speed. Technology frizlaytu has several names and definitions, including light graffiti svitlopys, lyuminohrafiya or simply drawing with light.

Alexander Ksenofontov: "When I worked on my project, I had to be both a producer and this project will combine the administrative work of art. This often results in synthesis of contradictions, sometimes doubt whether a particular work process. That's why I want to thank everyone who supported me: my wife, all the "Dummies" to my friends for understanding and positive with which we created this project. Everyone thank you very much. "

Ruslana: "My husband has neglected for the sake of my career. During the year I watched as it recorded an album in the creation of which was not intended commercial purposes. I felt that this music requires way to the surface, and did everything possible to influence the warrant. I guess I succeeded. The project TFC good chances to become successful. This music deserves your attention and your special place in show business. "

Among the star guests were seen Rupert Wainwright (director of blockbuster "Stihmaty" video and Michael Jackson "Nistory", Jaquel Knight (choreographer and producer of shows and video Beyonce "Single Lady"), Alexander Ponomarev, Taras Chubay, Gaitan, Edward Klim, Ruslana Pysanka Vladimir Bebeshko beline and Sasha, Paul Shilko (DJ Pasha), Vladimir Virchis, Ashion Carolina and many other big names.