Sasha Ksenofontov (vocals)

Oleg "John" Suk (bass guitar)

Debryanskyy Vlad (guitar)

P'yatakov Andrew (drums)

Paul Grabowski (keyboards)

Oleg Razumovsky (keyboards)

Olga Yakimova (harp)


- Do you remember how everything started?

John: Sure. I then played in a jazz band, but it started to bore me, because I quickly realized that it was not my music. Initially met guitarist Ludwig Konopko. He, in turn, was familiar with Sasha Ksenofontov and introduced us to it. Together with Alex at the Physics Department while studying LGU Andrew P'yatakov. And all this took place in Lviv, which was then a kind of musical center of Ukraine.

- What was in those years of musical Lions?

John: What the West has evolved and prozhyvalosya for many years, we experienced a short time. I began seriously studying music since 1985, and then all groups were roughly similar to each other, or for playing hard or punk. At that time there was an explosion of the Russian year. But the Lions and abroad was considered almost "sitting" on the other music. My colleague Ostap Karpinsky (and who first started calling me John and largely shaped my musical tastes, including prysadyv me to King Crimson) was a fan of good music and buy records, each of which cost him a scholarship. That's it, I heard many good teams. Of course, those issued abroad discs sold illegally, was a place where varied vinyl. Then the collector of vinyl, but only listened bobinni tape to vinyl zapylyaty not. All the musicians were going to Lviv at the club builders, and spun all the information there. You knew that from the second to the third could meet, all to see, talk.

- Police chased not?

John: chased, of course.

- I was born in these circumstances your group? What were the first rehearsal?

John: When we created the band, he wanted to make it similar to what everyone liked. Ludwig loved art-rock, just as I am. Sanya very fond «Queen». So when we got together we went synthesis of different styles. And we liked it. Initially, we were three of us - I, Ludwig and Sasha. I'm impressed with his voice, I just could not believe my ears and it was then realized that we have to do something. Sasha has always aroused confidence in people and knocked out our first rehearsal space. It was such a small cabinet, narrow as a corridor, and drummer Andrew sat upyrayuchys feet into the wall. That is where we created their first song. And somehow Sasha came and said: "We were allowed on stage in a student club!" But when we moved there, we encountered the first problems with the equipment. Then Sasha Student Fellowship persuaded to give us money for apparatus and tambourines "Amati". Then it was as cool as now, "Bentley" and cost $ 200-300. Then we were invited to Kyiv Festival Intershans "(a very severe selection among the large number of groups from the former Soviet Union). This was our first big win, but, accordingly, the question arose as to name the group. First, decide: "fan club". Got a question: What fans? Sanya offered "tea lovers. Ludwig did not like, and he suggested another name: "Mr. Kock. Then decided to toss, fell "tea-club. We first played there, and we were scared ... Then we were invited to the first festival of "dislocation".

- Who is then performed on the first "twist"?

John: Then it started "piven" and "Lamentations". The Festival itself became a huge event where the best artists were involved and poets of the city. For example, this action was: "The night waking poetry. Poets were sitting on the theater stage, all night drinking, zakushuvaly a little sleep. And at eight o'clock the curtain rose, it appeared that had a full room, they had to get up and read poems. - What was your repertoire? John: Mainly it was the English songs. Less was Ukrainian. I will not remember so well.

- And what was the first "Red Rue"?

John: It was a fun festival, though no one had money. We arrived in Kiev, were not even what to eat, but to prymknuly French zakosyly for foreigners to walk with them to eat. But it so much. The main thing that this festival was very correct in spirit. Furthermore, we then first played at a very high quality equipment with professional svitlom.Des probably already at that time, we went from Ludwig. And then in our lives is Boris Yakimov. He became director of the group and created just for us, Paradise conditions.

Boris: I myself was once a rock musician, but twenty years earlier than boys. In our institute, studied German students, and they organized a rock band. L'guys rallied around them. Then time passed, I taught and worked. Daughter I have a musician, she studied at the Lviv Conservatory in the class harp. And keyboardist Oleg Razumovsky mother worked there as a teacher. She offered to enter into harp-rock group. So we met with "tea club" and together have created a firm that was doing concerts and recorded albums in Kiev and others.

- Maybe you remember, were the difficulties? Apparently, it was difficult to work among the first?

Boris: My main company was registered in one area of ​​the city, and the band - in another district. And for tax time show business was something unimaginable and incomprehensible. They saw that we did not re-sell jeans, anything, but somehow we exist. They did not know for what fault, no legislation was not. But then vidchepylysya all. Maybe Finally, understand that this is not a commercial activity fully. Since banks were well run, they just born happy and sponsor contributions made to stand on their bills logo. Concerts were a lot of young people stretched to the music in those days, everything just began to grow, but every company has had its club, they organized the evening and invited us.

- Guys, remember the early days?

Andrew: It was comfortable. There was a little cubbyhole at the laboratory to grow crystals. But we hartsyuvaly that crystals began to grow and we were wrong side out. But let us from the beginning. We invented the name ...

Sasha: We sat at a rehearsal at the club ...

Andrew: No, we sat around my house and waited for the bus ...

Sasha: I'm sure we invented the name for "Intershans.

John: Exactly! I remember how we carried the application and there I discovered a list of bands, and there is written "dead crow." I had thought: that the "dead crow" What the hell, the subsidiary of "Hadjukin Brothers" or matched?


John: I do not know guys, and I first got into a professional studio, when we wrote the first album. There was a great atmosphere, we were lucky that the sound engineer liked our music and the album went very easily. I can not say he was born in pain.

Andrew: Actually there were two sound engineers, they found a common language, resulting in the album which you can listen. And we had to borrow drums in "BB". They are without question we gave them, but it was such a thing, if you show someone now, no one would believe that they can play and record. And at that time was fortunate. We have written a few days, then built, and then had to work in three shifts.

Sasha: Actually, everything was much more difficult. Just go into the studio, but normal studies was no, hours recording only some isolated quota. We made these quota radio journalist "Ray" Galina Babij, then records played on the radio. I have argued with the guys that we all very well recorded. We was neither possible nor experience. Andrew wanted to rewrite the drums, but it was without meaning ...

John: And then we had a very cool hotel Bratislava, in my opinion ...

Andrew and Sasha: What Bratislava! "Center".

Sasha: I remember that the finished text, even during the recording did not exist, we would sit down and just when recording dopysuvaly some phrases. One single, the second adds something so dopysuvaly song to the end - it was brilliant work.

And: Apparatus and Sasha

John: I want to say that Sasha train to sound production was from the beginning. First he made his notes at home, he had two tape recorders bobinni - "Jupiter" and for some there ... One day he brought a strange thing, wrapped in electrical tape, put on the table .... And we all just ofihily! It was multi-channel tape recorder, I can not remember who he then took him to recorded our rehearsals. Such a tape recorder at that time was worth, how good the car.


Sasha: I just do not know what history already tell you guys. All I know is that there is something we labaly not very good ...

Andrew: Sasha returned from the army and got on my course. Sasha decided to create a group in our department and found a guitarist ... But I can not remember how we had met.

Sasha: We just labaly.

Andrew: With us playing Roman Yuryk, guitarist.

Sasha: And he played about the way I sang. Then you drew Ludwig.

Andrew: From Ludwig I generally met in the street. It was one of the first concerts "Hadjukin" or something. I went there with drums. When we became acquainted with Ludwig I called him at rehearsal.

Andrew: Then there was a question bassist ...

Sasha: At the time we had a little cubbyhole on fizfatsi, yet we rehearsed to some audiences. It should thank Ivan Vakarchuk, he helped us out of the room. When Andrew Ludwig drew to us, we started getting rid of "noctuid, because the very essence of soviet Ludwig did not, it was the guy who played different music and spirit endured not what we balabanyly there. Good thing he has not lost hope to wrap us in their faith. He Kaif was something to play with Yes, Led Zeppelin, and not devilry that we played. P'yatakov and Ludwig got the seditious idea to call a musician ... Lost like a group called ...

Andrew: "melodrama."

Sasha: Exactly. They played a sort Oleg Ivanovich, who was already a living legend ... I had heard: "John, John ..." At the same time that John I've never seen or heard ... John was a good call upon the idea because of its finally coming away "scoop", like all those people who have been redundant.

John: I never thought could ...

Sasha: But to me about John Ludwig and Andrew talked so much that I prepared for the meeting ... And then, after every rehearsal, I vyvalyuvavsya as after anesthesia. Rehearsals have been debilitating, we were standing ideological misunderstanding of Ludwig ...

Andrew: He often plucked the roof, and at some point he went.

Sasha: At some point all Ludwig started the group away and then got under kopnyaka ass in a live sense. He is always late once, did not come in time, we went to Kyiv for a very long post and was waiting for him, he was late once again, and then we and kopnuly.

Sasha: Yes, in December in our tiny room gathered five people. Then we were joined by another keyboardist Paul Grabowski, Oleg Razumovsky and guitarist Vladimir Dobriansky.

Andrew: Sanaa to give the appearance Grabowski?

Sasha: I do not remember ...

John: If I went the following candid confession, let me say. I remember when he came, I was impressed, so fresh in these boys' brains, I was impressed to what they want ... The guys were so fresh, the idea that I was shocked.


Sasha: In 1990 the "kettles" existed for a year. That's when students started a hunger strike. We secretly pulled out the equipment at the monument to Franco. Director of Students' Club told me: "If what you have done it, not me." I have already had many friends brethren, I myself have ustupyv in Student Fellowship and a potovaryshuvav with them. We then sent the boys in Kyiv. I went to the head of the Brotherhood and said: "We need equipment, drums. And we secretly purchased that equipment. Then we all jealous that we own. When the strike ended, the Brotherhood helped us further, then the guys were almost members of the group.

On how to split GROUP

John: We were very lucky. But we are not at that time is appreciated, it seemed that all it should be: fax machines, tape recorders, salary. Apparently, this was one reason why we broke up. But after I lasted twenty-five years in music I know well, as we were lucky. In 1993 we played their last concert in the festival "Ukrainian Youth for Christ, who organized Markiyan Ivaschyshyn and Slavko Rushchyshyn. By the way, they were managed in the "Dummies". Was a little Woodstock in Lviv. We played on the mountain, outdoors, listening to young people below us. We closed the festival in the early morning and when the last song played, went terrible rain. It amazed.

Sasha: We sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen "...

John: No, it was not then. We have done more for opera excerpt second "twist". And when Sanya sang this "Rhapsody": "Mother, uuu, ants running over the skin ... He has very nice voice ...

Sasha: Good. Was.

John: We went without conflicts, we just realized that tired of each other ... We have been rehearsing every day and we played five or six consecutive hours, a lot of time spent together. The biggest problem Dummies "was that everyone - individuality. And each went his own way.

Sasha: This is our last concert was my first concert when I was on stage with Ruslana. We started together to do something ... P'yatakov browsed by various groups. Guitarist Volodya Dobriansky at the end of 1990 had fallen to America and began playing there ... but we have enough nahovoryly, sorry only that told little about the concerts.